The Sacrament of Poison

I’m happy to announce that my book, ‘The Sacrament of Poison’ will be released as a paperback and an eBook on Monday August 10th, on Amazon and Kindle. The book will be available on other eBook sites later in the month.

The story focuses on an artist, Max Fite, who was motivated by the death of a dear friend to give up artistic studies in favour of medical science.  Now, in the present day, he is field-testing advanced analytic equipment at the hospital where he works, and uncovers evidence of a series of homicides by means of an unknown bacterium. The matter is personal to Max; the names of the victims are familiar to him because he visits their gravesites often.

Working with his colleagues, he struggles to identify the bacterium. The local police are willing to open a ‘cold case’ investigation, but they need evidence first. Max teams up with Lauder Gray, a private inquiry agent, to develop clues that will engage the police.

The matter becomes urgent, however, when people start dying of the same bacterium in the present day. The bacterium has still not been identified; the scientists and detectives have no idea how the victims are being infected.

To make matters even worse, there is a friar who is on a secret mission from God, who couldn’t possibly be involved.

Could he?

The book will be available on 10 August. I hope you enjoy it!

Paul TN Chapman


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