With the Holidays coming, and people wondering what gifts to give the people they love, I thought I would promote myself–get myself on the market, so to speak.  Let me give you a quick review of the books I have on Amazon.com (eBooks AND paperback).

THE SYDFIELD SPY:  Hugo Bromley has been a spy for his country for some time.  After serious injury, and having his cover blown, he retires to the homestead of his monied family where, while contending with PTSD, he works to put his life back together.  However, there are villains in the shadows who have their own plans for him.

THE INN OF SOULS:  Meet a romantically confused professor, a 250 year old five year old ghost, a graduate student with little inhibition, and a group of other mysterious ghostly characters residing in an Inn that is more than half-ghost itself. While the student has designs on her professor, the professor is making remarkable discoveries about the spirit world, through the guidance of his spectral companions, leading to a shocking conclusion.

BEHIND THESE RED DOORS: STORIES A CATHEDRAL COULD TELL:  This is a collection of devotional and inspirational stories about temporal and spiritual life in the Church. The Church witnesses everything in our lives–joys and sorrows alike. These are the stories she could tell if she had a voice!  Taking place within the precincts of the fictional Trinity Cathedral, these brief tales span 110 years of parish life.

LIVES OF THE AIN’TS: COMEDIC BIOGRAPHIES OF DIRECTORS ERRANT:  This collection of brief (fictional) biographies of the Directors of a non-profit agency is filled with quirks, plot-twists, humour, which is pain-free, guaranteed entertainment!

You can find all these books at:  http://amzn.to/1Su1ufx

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Paul TN Chapman

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