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Behind These Red Doors: Stories A Cathedral Could Tell (Single-volume edition)
Points of faith, as represented in tales of experience, making up the history of a Cathedral; Think of the stories a Cathedral could tell if it had a voice!

Lives of the Ain’ts: Comedic Biographies of Directors Errant
Faux Biographies of A Board of Directors–to dazzle and enterain!

The Inn of Souls
A romantic ghost story involving a college professor, a five year old’s 250 year old ghost, a smitten graduate student, and a ghostly in on the Bay.

The Shadow and Its Reflection: An Essay on Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason.
An essay discussing how as a society we attach ourselves to the Unsatisfactory yet Flashy, making success harder to obtain (if at all)

Available as an eBook (Kindle Editions) or paperback on, at this link:


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