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I’m happy to tell you that ‘The Souls of Grace Cove’ has just been released and is available in Kindle and paperback on

This book is the reworking of ‘The Inn of Souls’, which was published in 2014. The plot and characters have been enhanced for a richer and fuller story.

Nicholas Pim is astonished to find that the vacant Inn he’s rented for the summer is already occupied. His hostess has been a five-year-old girl for the last two and one half centuries. He cautiously develops a love interest involving a flapper who was murdered in the 1920s. His neighbours include a timid Colonel who died in the Crimean War, and the very dandified Earl of Colchester. There is also a tormented soul in Room 13 – she’s been there for two centuries. The Inn also is home for a visiting monk who has been at prayer for centuries!

Love and regret are not only part of the ghostly story, it rears its head in Nicholas’ daily life as well. On sabbatical from his university for the summer, he is obliged to supervise one graduate student. She is brilliant and voluptuous, and wants more in her life than a graduate degree – she wants Nicholas!

I hope you will enjoy this book. It’s available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle!

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