Consider this fictional situation.  In Apt 2, there is man who enjoys playing video war games, and does so at full volume.  He whoops and hollers at victories, and shouts and swears furiously at defeats.  He sounds insane, but he’s only enthusiastic.  He’s developed such excellent skills that he is sought by members of online teams—they’ve even won prizes!  These victories help him feel good.

In Apt1, there is a combat veteran who lived through and marginally survived such scenarios.  Every time there’s an explosion on the video game, the veteran is dragged back to a time and place when the explosions, the screams and the killing were real.

In Apt 3, there is an old woman, not in the best of health, who lives alone and is understandably concerned for her safety and security.  The screaming and whooping she hears terrify her.

This is only a story, but I have planted a seed.  Having read it, the next time you do something noisy, you might consider that the consequences of your activities extend beyond you.

Stories are important, not only for their entertainment value, but for the way they open our minds.  We read of knights slaying dragons and realize that evil can be conquered.  We are emboldened, even slightly, to resist the evils that come into our lives.  We read of star-crossed lovers, some of whom finish disastrously, some of whom prevail.  We are encouraged to say ‘I love you’ despite our shyness.  We read of butterflies fluttering their wings in China, and hurricane’s on the east coast of the Pacific.  We are reminded that small actions can lead to enormous results.

Stories help us see beyond what’s right in front of our noses, and encourage us to create different fates.  They alert us to possibilities, both positive and negative.  They actually help make us become better human beings.  Whether you are reading stories from the Bible or another holy book, or the history of kings and shepherds, your World expands.

Not everyone has the gift of story-telling, but we all have the gift of story-reading.  Throughout history in every culture, stories have been told to entertain and to teach.

Do you have a story?  Tell it.

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