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a novel by

Paul TN Chapman,

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Hugo Bromley is the last of an old and very wealthy family.  He is a spy and (unknown to his colleagues) an assassin.  He is kidnapped, tortured, shot, and left for dead.  A  television newsreader discovers his bleeding body in a rainy alley, and destroys Hugo’s espionage career by revealing his identity to the world.

Wounded in body and mind, Hugo returns to the family estate in Sydfield,  to pursue a ‘normal life’–but what is ‘normal’?  Hugo’s work was always below the radar, and his identity whatever his Control wanted it to be.

Surrounded by new companions, Hugo relives parts of his past, and wrestles daily with PTSD.  Between flashbacks, and memories of previous missions, Hugo’s present-day strengths and limits are tested by critical situations–a break-in at the Hall, a near-arrest, a massive flood, and chaos in the aristocrat’s household.

In the climactic finale, traumatic events are repeated, and Hugo’s life once again hangs in the balance.

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