The Sydfield Spy–New Novel!

I am pleased to announce that my nineteen-month writing project , ‘The Sydfield Spy’ is complete.  I will publish my novel no later than early August , through Amazon’s Kindle and Createspace.

This is the story of a now-former spy whose cover was blown after a murderous assault.  It follows him as he struggles to establish a ‘normal life’ outside the world of espionage.  In this he is aided by the manager of his ancestral estates, an artist, a physician, and a very quirky housemaid called Spitfire.

The book not only follows him in his struggle for emotional normalcy in the non-spy world, but recounts some of the espionage adventures that have been so poignant in his life, leading  up to a suspenseful and exciting climax..

I will post links and more information as soon as the book is published.

Paul TN Chapman

[email protected]

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